About SCT

UAB SCT Lubricants is a leading manufacturer of high-quality engine oils located in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Our factory’s history dates back to 1962, when a new company called Klaypedskaya Neftebaza was founded. Over thirty years later, in 1993, this plant was registered as an oil-manufacturing unit under the name Pemco kuras whose first product was launched one year later in 1994, the engine oil “M-8B”. Eventually, it was the German joint-stock company SCT who acquired the company in 2004 to form UAB SCT Lubricants. A large-scale reconstruction and modernisation process was initiated by the new STC management, most notably the expansion of departments, among them the establishing of the laboratory in 2000, the introduction of the oil filling department in 2003 and the expansion of production and storage space in the years 2005–2012, climaxing in opening the production laboratory for oil filling.

Today, having one of the most modern factories in Europe, our 130 employees at present are working to satisfy our clients’ needs in 59 countries on all five continents. We offer more than 8,000 different kinds of products for the most popular brands of cars, lorries, buses and water transport thanks to our strong belief in what we do and thanks to our generous capacities: 10 ha of factory premises, 30,000,000 l of storage capacity in tanks and 35,000 m2 of storage space. Our laboratories meet the requirements of the latest norms, and our products can reach their destination quickly and safely by using our in-house can production. Additionally, our location close to the Baltic Sea is a unique way to ship our products and to receive ingredients for them as soon as possible.

We will gladly help you to find the right product for your individual needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have a particular question. Thank you for visiting our website!